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Voivod lyrics

Album: Negatron [1995]

 01  Insect
 02  Project X
 03  Nanoman
 04  Reality ?
 05  Negatron
 06  Planet Hell
 07  Meteor
 08  Cosmic Conspiracy
 09  Bio-Tv
 10  Drift
 11  Vortex
 12  Erosion
 13  D.N.A.(Don't No Anything)
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Mindless, now you will do as you're told
Restore, worship the god of control
Victims, helpless
New Slave, brain dead
Betray thy god
Facing endless damnation
Prepare, we'll have a new world our own
Regress, withdraw and you'll burn alone
Maintain respect
Obey Insect
Twisting your fate
Facing endless salvation
People from the outside
Craving for utopia
Nowhere near perfection
Future desolation
Join in now, join in now
Join in now, join in now
Promising heaven, celestial home
Inside your head now, insect has grown
There is no problem to analyse
Leaving this wasteland towards the sky
No need to worry, you're in the zone
Mind control fury, whispering tone
Overbearing manipulation
Impure, sadness, manic depression
Victims, helpless
New slave, brain dead
Betray thy god
Facing endless damnation.back to top
Project X
Living in this age
imminent destruction
soon to leave this earth
and all it's corruption
until the final day comes
they prepare to ride
so long, into orbit
shadowy programs
guaranteed deception
Apollo 2000 is ready for lift off
and at the darkest hour
they head for the sky
so long, into orbit
one way trip into space
soon will start
new human race
Project X has commenced
new world soon
so different, so different
finally have reached
their docking zone
the president and his crew
find a new home
everything seems perfect
then new problems arise
starts when they multiply
so long, into orbit
start a new nationback to top
Side effects of tunnel vision
Technofix of silicone
Noise that wanders like a liquid
Cyber shaman anarchy
Useless memory transistor
Pressure in my surgery
Nanoman they let you wander
Like a child and then they fill you
Full of things, then you'll turn to
Atomic levels of vibration
Plastic backwards ego freak
Question thinking focus unit
Replicator fog unreal
Nanoman they let you wonder
Like a child and then they fill you
full of things, then you'll turn to
In the age of erosion
The end is signalled by machine
Will can orchestrate the atoms
High pitched metal centuries
Satellites destroy an eye blink
A million atoms dance alone
Nanoman they let you wonder
Like a child and then they fill you
full of things, then you'll turn to
Nanoman...back to top
Reality ?
Struggling through this
Disturbing life
Surviving is
the only way
to understand
the reasons why
each of us live
riding the blind
tension will pull
you down beneath
way underground
you shall remain
using your soul
dying to breathe
nothing to say
no one to blame
I've always been
slightly confused
all things appear
doomed in a way
whispering voice
is this the end?
my only fate
Tormented, down
Tormented, down
Upside down reality
I can't hide anxiety
Say goodbye to sanity
Upside down realityback to top
High, some positron
speeding ion
cruising along
low, down inward flow
negative glow
now, what's going on
Motive, unclear
There's something wrong
Yes, hypnotronik
Rising sun
No, guide lining lead
Breaks over me
So close to the core
Lay down, here comes
The negatron
Maybe plan a-1 should be
to make a b-line out of here
of vagabond
ultra matter
out, get out of here
out, get out of here
you magno void
damn negatronback to top
Planet Hell
Now, is this real?
Much too real
hell, planet hell
much too real
chemical weapons
burning citizens
body count rising
digital combat
ruin and debris
decomposed bodies
rancid, planet
hell, planet hell
much too real
deadly enemy
murderous machines
countless homicide
country vs. country
social anarchy
deconstruct order
anguish, planet
hell, dwell, die, why?
Planet in despair
paralysed with fear
frequent suicide
technical abuse
nature in decay
nuclear demise
Hell, dwell, die, why?
Hell, dwell, die...back to top
Evaluate just what it's worth
This rotting world
This dump we call the earth
What do I care, have no regret
The future sky
A blackened mournful death
Disbelief, irritate
Disagree, circulate
Expedite, disengage
Blast off, disarray
Radio signals, complete shutdown
Stereo vision, freedom unbound
What do I see, a layer of cloud
In front of me
The future wanders on
Shift the gear, elevate
Disappear, gone away
Lost control, hesitate
Destroy, terminate
Radio signals, complete shutdown
Stereo vision, freedom unbound
A shooting star is crashing down
this meteor
has left a burning ground
Negative, desolate
Sorrowful, purity
Positive, energy
Depressed, isolate
Radio signals, complete shut down
Stereo vision, freedom unbound
I don't care no more
I don't fucking care
I don't give a shit.....back to top
Cosmic Conspiracy
Living in a daze, beyond belief
Withdrawn from all that I know
Disturbed by darkened thoughts
Of haunting agony, restrain the memorie
Fearing for my life
The government denies their sole existence
But it's much too late for them
Can't wait to see their faces
When they arrive again
Mental impairment, sanity lost, it's vanished away
But all I know, the men in black
Are secret spies, as the tension grows
Deep down inside, I know they're coming for me
For the 2nd time, I'm going, going away
Why am I caught in this conspiracy
Have to find a way
Don't care what it takes
I shall persevere
Tell me why it is this way
One more cosmic watergate
Can't believe it's me, strange captivity
Confused in this maze, no chance to escape
As the end draws near
New technology, high-tech slavery
Horrid state control, truth is far behind
Face the end of time
Tell me why it is this way
One more cosmic watergate
Psychic war, deletion zone
Future destiny unknownback to top
Conventional TV
Standard basic design
harmful beyond belief
X-Ray, your mind
Watching the new TV
Wired into your brain
It all becomes so clear
You'll never be the same
Normal viewing distance
Much more than meets the eye
Closer to the picture
Transmit, full time
If you do not believe
What I'm telling you
Be ready to receive
A lesser point of view
Bio-TV is what you see
In no time
Bio-TV is what you'll be
A new life line
It's show time
Bio-TV is what you need
In no time
A new headline
This is Bio-TV
This is Bio-TV
This is Bio-TV
This is Bio-TVback to top
A mistake
Through my veins
Now I ache
I'm in pain
A mistake
All it takes
Now I pray
For a change
Down fall down below
Last call time to go
To the other side
Dark is the last ride
Rotten days
Come ahead
On a deadbed
Taking place
Hopeless case
What a waste
Down fall down below
Last call time to go
To the other side
Dark is the last ride
Decay is my foe
Staring as a crow
Picking at my pride
Ruining my last ride
Down below you're on your own
No escape Here I lie
Their mistake
Took my life
Down fall down below
Last call time to go
To the other side
Dark is the last ride
Drifting down below
Drifting down belowback to top
Can you tell me why
Things are not quite right
Look out
This is not fiction
Somehow I'm changing
Watch out
I'm all alone
Out of control
Revolving motion
Wild revolution
I am paralyzed
Nearly Hypnotized
Get out
I'm all alone
Out of control
I've lost my soul
In Vortex zone
What is going on
Everything is wrong
Want out
Is there a way out
Safer whereabouts
Wipe out
I'm all alone
Out of control
I've lost my soul
In Vortex zone
I'm all aloneback to top
Feel deranged
Deep inside
Decide on
A solution
The time
The time has come
To turn
To turn around
To see
To see the light
The star
The star beyond
All this pollution
The world
The world is indeed
Will start
Will start to bleed
Your life
Your life becomes
A mess
A mess it's gone
All this pollution
All this pollution
All this pollution
All this pollutionback to top
D.N.A.(Don't No Anything)
The rot set in, the rain came in
Searching for a new anaesthesia
Maybe it's time to throw in the towel
I bought the cow, you get the milk for free
Somebody down there likes me
I admit I'm a misfit, you agree, I submit
The night's decayed, the wind is hot
I was born in the USA, I'm deformed by my DNA
Fine example of this great nation
Shrine to humiliation
They said put yourself at my disposal
You'll accept our proposal
But I'm doomed to live
Somebody down there likes me
Cruelty can be unkind
You try to think things are going fine
Or it's a sign that you're going out of your mind
So you submit, so you submit
Don't no anything
I don't say no to anything
I admit I'm a misfit, I submit
Paint thinner & snake juice
It's water from the moon
It's the teardrops of the angels
The nectar of the gods
So so many injections
To handle each and every infection
So many subliminal suggestions
To the president of rejection, I submit
Cruelty can be unkind, drive you out of your mind
Or it's a sign that things are going fine
I admit I'm unfit, I submit
The DNA is DOA all across the USA
Ne sais rien, je ne dis non a rien
Does somebody out there like me?
Have a nice day...back to top
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