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Wehrmacht lyrics

Album: Biermacht [1989]

 01  You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
 02  Gore Flix
 03  Drink Beer And Be Free
 04  The Wehrmacht
 05  Munchies
 06  Night Of Pain
 07  Balance Of Opinion
 08  Suck My Dick
 09  Drink Jack
 10  Radical Dissection
 11  Beermacht
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You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
Why do people play these games?
Fuck with my head, it's all the same,
push me too far, then lie and fake it.
You're pushing your luck and I can't take it!
Spread a rumor, put me down,
You make me laugh you fucking clown.
C'mon, admit it, you stabbed my back,
I feel like my mind's been attacked!
Two faced smile,
I know you're fake,
Your likes and dissin',
is something I can't take,
You fucked up my life,
but now I'm back in place.
You broke my heart so I broke your face,
You live upon materialistic greed,
Vicious headgames I don't need,
I can't figure it out,
what ist the solution,
That's just life,
it's mental pollution,
I'm someone you can pee on,
I'm not gonna be your emotional tampon,
Don't use me for a stepping stone,
I'm better off all alone, on my own.
Do you get what I'm saying,
is the message clear?
Don't ignore me, listen up and hear,
Or do I have to carve it on your forehead with an exacto knife?
I've got my own life, don't distract me.
Scar my brain, too bad you can't see that I have learned from these mistakes
that I have learned not to relate with people who humiliate and betray me,
and try to run my machine,
because insecure,
psychotic people like that are just a bad dream.back to top
Gore Flix
Addicted to the horror, I love to see the blood,
excitement runs through my veins
as I watch them kill the young
adrenalin is strong,
I thrive brutal death depicting scenes of graphic violence
is what fills up my head.

Murders, stabbing, snuffing I watch in sheer intent.
Slaughters, bleeding, eating, amusement makes me laugh.
People going crazy, killing just for fun,
Hitmen getting paid to kill victims with their guns.

Heads cut off here, guts chewed up there,
eyes scan the screen with that sickening vile stare.
As long as there is Adism,
scraping and messy gore,
I won't even care

Repeat chorusback to top
Drink Beer And Be Free
What's the use in fighting a stupid meaningless war?
They say that they want peace, but they keep buying more and more.
I don't support these traitors,
it's something I won't do I'd rather get the friends together,
reef and drink some brew,
you're old enough to kill at 18,
but much too young to drink,
it's not that it stops us anyway,
it's just stupid, don't you think?
We can scream in their face and they still don't listen
they're fully set in their ways don't give up,
but just face the facts the world has seen better days
I love brew and it loves me
we have fun religiously fuck their war,
they won't get me 'cause life's too short to pay their fees
if I only had a beer for every bomb they have built,
To get it shape,
we drinksercise and pump aluminum.
Draft beer, not me,
Drink beer, be freeback to top
The Wehrmacht
They had arisen taking control,
Ruling the land, leaders of all.
Rise of the reich,
masters supreme,
Wanting the world they almost succeeded.
Nation to nation they pillaged the land.
Retaliation with swift command.
Crushing the weak those in their way,
we prayed for the day...

(Lead: Duffy)

Under the swastika all bullshit stands the master race carried the plans...
ovens were warning chambers were full but Hitler had fallen out of control,

(Lead: Marco)back to top
Oh my God, I feel so hungry.
Just got a craving for some munchies,
I want some pizza,
I want it now,
Gimme some food,
So I can chow,
I love to eat,
until full
I can't stop eating,
I'm on a roll,
Pig and pig,
until my stomach bloats.
Shoving more grub down my throat
C'mon, mom, give me some food,
I feel like an Ethiopian dude,
The more I wait,
the more I'll omplain,
I can't believe this, a hunger pain?
Rib chaw,
pizzamacht, barbecue chiken,
The greasy fast food clock is ticking,
if we come to your house, we'll raid your fridge,
in search of food, we're on a fridge,
in search of food,
we're on a binge
We eat out, we drink up.
We're never gonna stop,
if you don't have beer,
we'll gladly drink your pop,
Now I know because I've experienced the deadly disease,
It's a hunger thriving inard twisting feeling called the
Muncheezback to top
Night Of Pain
There was a night, that you and I know about,
a night with fright and evil to let out.
There was man named Michael,
whose thoughts were to kill and annoy
since he was a quiet little boy.

Twisted demented slashing,
the shape started smashing,
skulls crushed brains mushed,
the blood starts to rush steel thrushing in,
horrid dying grin,
face carved like a pumpkin on this deadly night of sin.

If he comes by, don't ask why,
don't get in his way you might become prey.
If you want life,
don't meet his butcher knife,
you may be the lucky guy to die.
Don't fuck around, before it's too late,
all you get is a fast rate of fate,
stalking demon will grate your face
unless you run and hide in another state or place.

Halloween - night of pain death and Samhain,
night he came home
If you do take off,
he won't care,
he'll just snuff the next to dare,
but always beware of that deadly thrashing night,
'cause his idea of fun is killing everything in sight.

Repeat chorus

Leads: Marco, Duffy.back to top
Balance Of Opinion
I may go fast, you may go slow.
She might know it all,
he might not know.
We might get drink you might be straight
they could be soon, we could be late
They will like it,
but you could hate it,
Put all the pieces together and simply relate it,
Opinions are like assholes,
listen up and think,
Everybody has one and they all fucking stink,
Who is right, who is wrong?
They could be weak,
they could be strong,
Some walk proud, when others may fall,
You may be blind, but still see it all...
Some people are healthy, some people are sick
some tell the truth and ithers turn a trick,
I might push, and she might pull
We could be hungry, they could be full
Some want in, others want out
he is quiet and she is loud,
we are weird, they are normal,
we dress poorly, they dress formal,
One man's whisper is another man's yell,
Like positive and negative,
it weights out on the scale
Some heads are open, some are close minded
they see what's happening,
the others are just blinded,
Those who are concerned, those who don't give a shit,
Things don't work out right,
things go as it is

Balance of opinion

Some say "no" and some say "yes",
some under stress, I am for sure,
others just guess,
I pay alot, they pay less
Alternative is a spice of life pick what you want and do what like,
Damned if you do, damned if you don't stick to your views,
who cares if they won't.back to top
Suck My Dick
Teacher tells my parents that I've been skipping school.
Don't matter to me 'cause I don't care,
that school is just for fools.

Suck my dick

They bitch me out,
it's nothing new to me it's just a game,
but when they start to say
you're grounded,
I just turn and say.

Suck my dick

So I called my girl to see how she's been,
damn she's being a snotty arrogant bitch again.
She caught me messin' around with this other chick,
we had sex so told the with to...

Suck my dickback to top
Drink Jack
Drink Jack!back to top
Radical Dissection
I wake up in the morning with a splitting headache,
the hangovers taken effect,
My head pounds hard, there's no aspirin to take
so I guess I'll just have to dissect

First I'll take the serated steak knife
and slowly cut away at my skin down to the muscle,
as I grind and I grit piercing my nerves, it slides in,
Now's the time to cut through my muscles so I grab the circular saw
skin and blood spurts into my eyeballs as I feel the blade hit my jaw
Hack at my neck with a maul axe
Bludgeon my trachea, I can't breathe,
Gurgling blood,
I'm choking in syntax my eyes pop out and bleed
Now comes the time to sever my jugular,
Boy, is this ever fun,
take a sharp razor and slice it in half my blood shoots out like a gun

Start up the chainsaw to finish the task grind it into my bones,
Completing the task, it's over and done,
My head flops to the floor like a stone
Radical Neck Dissection,
cut off your head it's really fun,
its the best hangover prevention, and a lot more exciting than a gun.back to top
Alcoholics, heavyweights, listen to what I have to say,
keep paying dues and drinking brews
'cuz beer is here to stay when you wanna party and you must get high,
go to the store, it's time to fly,
buy a case, a shorty or a forty.
If your cash is low, get an import or a cheap quart.

Chorus: Beer-macht!back to top
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