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Whispering Forest lyrics

Album: Of Shadows And Pale Light [1998]

 01  Last Sunset
 02  Winterbird
 03  On These Endless Autumn Nights
 04  Black Orchid
 05  Twined As One
 06  Shine Of Lethe
 07  Darkest Side
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Last Sunset
Last sunset,
I'll walk from the pit to forgotten valley.
As I light the black candle,
silently wolves are crying their sorrow.

I enter myself -
here the sun no longer rises
I search myself -
spiritless from the cryptic storm

I can hear the symphony,
sad songs of the dying ones.
I can hear the symphony,
symphony of the dying swans.

In darkened copse,
are whispering shadows.
From the blackened forest,
reflecting my time.

From the depth of the twilight
she could see me come.
To walk the endless path alone...
Forever I'll fade under the frozen moon.

The candle has burned.
I WAS NEVER HERE!back to top
Through the falling snow
she gracefully flies.
A sight not to be seen
by awoken eyes.

Every time when asleep,
I chase her through landscapes.
I still can hear her wings clap
and keep running even if awake.

There is no telling how I yearn
to fly with this wintery bird.
She would sit next to me
and eat from my hand.
Together we would glide
through the desert land.

The arrival of spring I' ve always hated,
you still live in my dreams.
Where the flowers are forever faded,
and winter never leaves.back to top
On These Endless Autumn Nights
O, Adonay per quem omnia
liberata sunt
libera me ab omni malo.
O, Adonay per quem omnia
consolata sunt
consola me.

As sunlight fades
and nightfall embraces
this cold and lifeless land.
Only the damned...
Only the sentenced...
Roam among
other creatures of night.

The thick icy mist
that covers the water,
and hides the ground that I walk on.
All I can hear
are the voices of demons
laughing and casting their spells.

On these endless autumn nights
I rise and walk once more.
On these darkest autumn nights
I pursue my endless journey.

In black freezing water
I see your reflection,
the drops of blood from my hands.
In silence of night
I cry out thy name,
just to hear the echoes that answer.

The moon turns to blood
and casts my shadow
on the narrow path ahead.
The road that is covered
in tears and with wither
and leads me towards the end.

On these endless autumn nights
I've burned a thousand candles.
On these darkest autumn nights
I've heard the silent cries.

As the candlelight grows dim,
so the echoes of these voices die.back to top
Black Orchid
So empty,
like the life...
that ends...

When leaves come down,
They' ll rot away...
...So begins the end.
Hindsight only the shadow
in profound sadness,
effigy of me...

Just look at the flowers,
they all have died.
Seek the last inflorescence
So shall I...

Pick up the orchid,
the black one and only.
Now crown me with that,
and bless me goodbye...

Now pick up the orchid,
the black one and only.
Crown me with that,
please bless me goodbye...

I don't remember of me living.
What creature may have more pain?
I exist only in darkness,
so alone on autumn nights.

Now pick up the orchid,
the black one and only.
Crown me with that,
please bless me...
So empty,
like the life that ends...back to top
Twined As One
As I walk through the icy snow,
on my way to the winters beauty.
Dressed as the mourner.
Cold hoarfrost freezing tears in my eyes.

I'll consume your vicious piety my darling,
ruttish sights shall fade into the wind.

The spirits have found the vast calmness,
we are on our way to the garden of Eve.
Here under the verdant trees,
our souls have twined as one.

Here under the virgin trees,
our souls have twined as one.

Here is our shrine my darling,
bleeding together in the biting snow.
Under the snow drift now we are lying,
majestic white sheet has turned blood red.

With the winters blizzard we shall go
on our path to mighty shadow land.

Our souls have twined as one...back to top
Shine Of Lethe
I'm here,
the mist around the trees.
And I'm still here,
dancing through the skies of nevermore.

And I can feel your heat
by the ancient stone,
where you rest and sleep.
(Call me Lethe)

And I'm lust,
covered by the early hoarfrost.
And I'm shame,
standing in the water of pain.

Created to soar the darkest mystery...
Created to bleed and wither inside...
And I dream you in deepest forest...
And I'll walk when the night goes on...
And I'll wait all the black ravens,
through my spirit, body and my mind.

And I'm here,
till the moonlight guiles my eyes.

And I'm shroud.
Ode into the darkness...
Ode into the wind.
And I'm despondency.
And with her beauty, with her regal -
Lethe... It shines, it shines.back to top
Darkest Side
When hate and fear become united,
and blackness veils this ground.
Stand here with your heart so cold,
and hope for the death of the sun.

See the rise of black godess,
from the torment.
It shades the land,
leading you into the darkest side.

Portrait this forest,
ancient reflections of evil ones.
Search for your frost deep inside
then fire walks in you.

Step into the entrance hall
behind the white shroud.
Hear the demons rumble,
join our waxed souls.

Join our waxed souls...

See the rise of black godless,
from the torment.
It shades the land,
leading you into the darkest side.back to top
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