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White Stripes lyrics

Album: De Stijl [2000]

 01 You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
 02  Hello Operator
 03  Little Bird
 04  Apple Blossom
 05  I'm Bound to Pack It Up
 06 Death Letter
 07  Sister, Do You Know My Name?
 08  Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
 09  A Boy's Best Friend
 10  Let's Build a Home
 11  Jumble, Jumble
 12  Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?
 13  Your Southern Can Is Mine
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Hello Operator
This song sounds really cool if u listen to it on the cd called DE STIJL

1.Hello operator
Can you give me number nine?
Can I see you later?
Will you give me back my dime?
Turn the oscillator
Twist it with a dollar bill
Mail man bring the paper
Leave it on my window sill.

2.Find a canary
A bird to bring my message home
Carry my obituary
My coffin doesn't have a phone
How you gonna get the money?
Send papers to an empty home?
How you gonna get the money?
Nobody to answer the phone.

Once again this song is called hello operator on the album named
De're welcome foreverback to top
Little Bird
short song it's easy to learn.This song is on the album De Stijl.

1.I got a little bird
I'm gonna take her home
Put her in a cage
And disconnect the phone

2.If you give me a look
I'm gonna get the book
I'm gonna preach the word
I'm gonna preach to birds
As I walk the floor
Yeah this I know.

3.When I get you home
This is how it goes
I got nothing to lose
I'll never let you go.

See?short song're welcome

Little birdback to top
Apple Blossom
amazing song

Hey little apple blosom
What seems to be the problem
All the ones you tell your troubles too
They don't really care for you

Come and tell me what you're thinking
'Cause just when the boat is sinking
A little light is blinking
And I will come and rescue you

Lots of girls walk around in tears
But that's not for you
You've been looking all around for years
For someone to tell your troubles to

Come and sit with me and talk awhile
Let me see your pretty little smile
Put your troubles in a little pile
And I will sort them out for you
I'll fall in love with you
I think I'll marry you

there u go.back to top
I'm Bound to Pack It Up
the white stripes - i'm bound to pack it up

I've thought about it for a while
and I've thought about the many miles
but I think it's time that I've gone away
the feelings that you have for me
have gone away it's plain to see
and it looks to me that your pulling away

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go away

I've found it hard to say to you
that this is what I have to do
but there is no way that I'm gonna stay
there are so many things you need to know
and I wanna tell you before I go
but it's hard to think of just what to say

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go away

I'm sorry to leave you all alone
you're sitting silent by the phone
but we'd always known there would come a day
the bus is warm and softly lit
and a hundred people ride in it
I guess I'm just another runaway

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound pack it up
I'm bound pack it up and go awayback to top
Sister, Do You Know My Name?
Well, we're back in school again
And I don't really know anyone
I really wanna be your friend
'Cause I don't really know anyone

And the bus is pullin'
Up to your house
I wish you could be sittin' here next to me!

I didn't see you at summer school
But I saw you at the quarter store
And I don't wanna break the rules
'Cause I've broken them all before

But ev'rytime I see you
I wonder why
I don't break a couple rules so that you'll notice me

Sister, do you know my name?
I've heard it before but I wanna know

I've got a funny feelin'
That it's gonna work out
'Cause now I see you sitting here next to me.back to top
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise

My baby's got a heart of stone
Can't you people just leave her alone?
She never did nothing to hurt you
So just leave her alone

The motion of her tiny hands
And the quiver of her bones below
Are the signs of a girl in love
And tell you everything you
Need to know

I can't explain it
I feel it often
Everytime I see her face
But the way you treat her
Fills me with rage and I
Want to tear apart the place

You try to tell her what to do
And all she does is stare at you
Her stare is louder than your voice
Because truth doesn't make a noise

tabbed by PHIL!back to top
A Boy's Best Friend

I just don't fit in this place
Their thoughts cast me out of here
Their home has run out of place
My mind's already out of here
Won't you come along dear?
Won't you come along?

Words that are spoke alone
Phrases you will never hear
Empty rooms and a telephone
That I will never use,never fear
I am all alone dear
I am all alone

My dogs come sit next to me
A pack of dogs and cigarettes
My only friends speak no words to me
But they look at me and they don't forget
That a boy's best friend is
His mother or whatever has become his pet

enjoy.back to top
Let's Build a Home
fast song kinda.from De Stijl.

Jack:guitar lead vocals

Some bricks now baby
Let's build a home
Some bricks now baby
Let's build a home


I'm getting lazy
Throw me a bone
I'm getting lazy
Throw me a bone



Some bricks now baby
Let's build a home
Some bricks now baby
Let's build a home


There ya go.welcome.back to top
Jumble, Jumble
White Stripes - Jumble, Jumble

*Scratchy radio sounds, people speaking in french*

Jumble, jumble
All at my house
C'mon over
Sleep on the couch
Can't even see you
Look like a mouse

Crumble, crumble
That bag is brown
Rip up the paper
To hear a sound
Pick the pieces
Up off the ground

Tumble, tumble
On to the floor
Roll over
Until you tire
Wave to me
I'm at the doorback to top
Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?
this is a great and fun song to learn so.......

Somebody's screaming
Looking at the ceiling
Everything's so funny
I don't have any money
People don't even know me
But they know how to show me

Why can't you be nicer to me?

My pride is dying
I think I'm all done lying
Nobody's sharing
So I stop caring
All alone and walking
Nobody's talking

Why can't you be nicer to me?

Well the wind is blowing
Where am I going
Off a bridge and falling
Nobody's calling
On the ground and laying
Nobody's praying

Why can't you be nicer to me?

u.....r... welcomeback to top
Your Southern Can Is Mine
Now, lookie here momma let me explain ya this
If ya wanna get crooked I'll even give ya my fist
Ya might read from Rev-el-a-tion back to Genesi` `Genisis
Ya keep forget your Southern can belongs to me

CHORUS: (In the mornin')

Verse 2:
So there ain't no use in bringin' no jive to me
Your Southern can is mine in the mornin'
Your Southern can belongs to me

Ya might go uptown, have me arrested, put in jail
Some hotshots got money, gonna pull my bail
Soon as I get out, hit the ground
Your Southern can is worth a thousand, half a pound

CHORUS (Talkin' about it)

You might take it from the south, baby, hide it up north
Understand you can't rule me or be my boss
Take it from the east, hide in the west
But when I get ya momma your can'll see no rest

CHORUS (I'm screamin')

Now baby, ashes to ashes, sand to sand
When I hit ya momma then ya feel my hand
Give you a punch through that barbed wire fence
When I hit ya baby, ya know I make no sense

CHORUS (I know it)

Now look here woman, don't get hot
I'm gettin' me a brick outta my backyard

CHORUS (I'm talkin' about it)

Well, if I catch you momma down in the heart of town
I'm gonna grab me a brick and tear your can on down

CHORUS (I know it)

You maybe get bed sickness, baby, graveyard bound
I'm gonna make you moan like a graveyard hound

CHORUS (I'm screamin')back to top
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