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Windham Hell lyrics

Album: South Facing Epitaph [1994]

 01  God Swallow
 02  Paste Human
 03  Faces Of Carnage
 04  Tomorrow You're Going To Die
 05  Exsiccation
 06  Wrapped In Plastique
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God Swallow
God swallow
Cosnsumed hollow
Tablature of living decay

Your humaness is felt
Resting in my effortback to top
Paste Human
Human columns
Hardened into stone
in loving memory...
Cleaned and inscripted
A linear aesthetic epitaph

Lying in my arl
Your requiem's complete
Singing wall of death
Crawling on remains
A lachrymator (of joy)
Cold stiffens the joints
Hard like a mortician
Coroner of hate
(Unclip bolt under roof
to eliminate any rope drag)
Beautifully brutal
Tattoeed in the book
Emotionally historic
Cadavericly classic
An ecstaserial grave displayback to top
Faces Of Carnage
"Take my hand
It's borrowed
Take my arms
They're on loan"
The green chair melts the post
And all who stand near the flames
Suffer immense joy
Under the ceiling fan

"Take it all
I don't care
I'll just sit
In the chair
Burning wood next to
The black post where it grew"
Looking down it's knee deep
(The) crimson flow starts to seep

"I am dead
Just like you
So don't tell
Me what to do"
The smoke clears above the post
(And) the body falls into the hole
In the green chair sits deathback to top
Tomorrow You're Going To Die
first ascent: who caresback to top
The secret is after post
Hot water, Haroldback to top
Wrapped In Plastique
Life, my life
Wrapped in plastique
Wrapped in plastique
Kissed by nothing

Mind, your mind
(The) laugh, (the) smile
Hands touch
Death is pureback to top
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