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Windham Hell lyrics

Album: Window Of Souls [1996]

 01  Inversion Soil
 02  Clear Blue Plastique
 03  Excarnation
 04  Corporal Compendia
 05  Sacromonte (Popocatepetl)
 06  Spiritual Bleeding (Faces II)
 07  The Rain
 08  Darkness Deluge
all Windham Hell lyrics

Inversion Soil
In the bag of doom

Cleaned, inscripted
Buried, consumedback to top
Clear Blue Plastique
In the clear blue plastic bag
Lies the pieces of mankind

Clear blue plastic bag in ice
Frozen in the endless black

Illumiates forver deathback to top
Human face etched in stone

Human columns
Hardened stone
Memory inscripted
Southwest facing epitaph
Crepuscular vision

Exhumed the memory
Depictedback to top
Corporal Compendia
Thought escape
Resting effort emptiness

(The) Stone bleeds black
After death (and)
The alpine view becomes
A reality

Corporal compendiaback to top
Sacromonte (Popocatepetl)
The summit
Bursts into fire

Wings ablaze
Under the blackened sky

Sacromonte, Popocatepetl
Sacromonteback to top
Spiritual Bleeding (Faces II)
The arm I removed from my body
Lies in the green chair

(The ceiling fan is turned on full power as the awakening
souls spill forth from the shattered glass bleeding their
essence onto the carpet)

(Crimson flow thickens around the blask post standing
in the woods next to the black post standing in the woods
next to the pine)back to top
The Rain
(The) rain falls slower
Blood drips cold
Compendium of terror
Never to be told
Death has senses
Which burn and enlight
Clawing at the darkness
Unprepared for the sight


Liquid isolation
Eyes frozen closed
Blindness breeds deception
Feel fire walk your toes


Watch yousrelf get buried
Then your soul is torn away...back to top
Darkness Deluge
My life

Hands wet with blood
From future's past

Hate smiles in the bag of doom

My life
Delugeback to top
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