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Withered Garden lyrics

Album: Exhausted Eden [1998]

 01  Flame In Your Soul (My Goddess)
 02  Exhausted Eden
 03  Master Melancholia
 04  Redeemer
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Flame In Your Soul (My Goddess)
Come to me my darling
Take my hand and taste my wine
Oh, isn't it sweet
Can you feel your erotic desires
The flame in your soul

Have an apple from me tree
Its taste will give you eternal life
Eternal life with me, my goddess
Shed your virgin blood on me
Its taste will give me eternal life
Eternal life with you, my goddess

There you stand
Before me, the brightest light
And your smile is as beautiful
As death

And your laugh
My angel of vengeance
Like sun in the night

And you cry
My priestess of darkness
Dressed in sorrow

There you stand
Before me the darkest blackness
And your smile is as beautiful
As death

My goddess
Flame in your soul
My goddess
Dressed in sorrow
My goddess
Immortal queen

Come to me my darling
Take my hand and ride with me
Ride into my darkest realm
To the moon, to the night
And feel the flame in your soul

Forget hypocritical world
And join my eternal empire
My realm of flames, my goddess
Shear the realm with me
And I'll give eternal life
Eternal life with me, my goddess

There you stand
Before me, filled with hate
And your hate is as beautiful
As thunder

And your eyes
So crimson read
Like bleeding sky

And your hair
So black
Dressed in melancholy

There you stand
Before me, merciless
And your hate is as beautiful
As thunder

Chorusback to top
Exhausted Eden
Heavenly father, Lord of Light
Lying on his sickbed
Watching his withered garden
listening the screams of his children
Pleasures of heaven, all undone
Alone in chaos god will cry
He knows his time has come
To die

Behold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall

Son of god, known as the Saviour
His wounds are bleeding again
His holy task nothing but a failure
Crucified, he's going insane
Calling his holy father's name
Crying in pain, he still can't see
My god, my god
Why have thou forsaken me

Behold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall

Dove of holy ghost
His wings don't carry anymore
Cold winds of eternal frost
Lead lambs to death's door
Indulgence instead of abstinence
Flaming end of paradise
Freedom from the decadence
Denial of bastard Christ

Angel of light
Drinks blood of Jesus Christ
Drunk and falling down

Behold !
Exhausted Eden shall fall !!!!!back to top
Master Melancholia
I see the bonfire
I feel it dancing
Before me
I hear the rain

Pouring down
Around me
The bonfire burns
Alone, with me

In the woods
The rain falls
Around me
The circle of fire

He waits for the fire
To stop burning
He creeps
Around the circle

Master melancholia, he gets me
The sad feeling, they get me
So mighty, so strong
My mind is in your hands, melancholia

Darkness in the woods, sun has died
The dancing fire, my only light
Fire of hope, stabbed to death
By the cold, blades of rain

I can feel his desire
The need in his eyes burns my soul
He waits for his time to reach through the flames
Reach for my soul to satisfy his hunger

I don't feel safe, terror lurks in my mind
Bonfire has stopped burning, his time has come
Darkness imprisons me, I feel his fatal touch
In the woods, non can hear my screams

The rain still falls around me
I smell the smoke the blood of dying fire
He gets me he gives me strength
He whispers my name he makes me weak

Master melancholia, he whispers my name
Eternal sadness, pouring down
In the woods, the rain never ends
My mind is in your hands, MASTERback to top
At night stars of eternity show me the way
And I bow to dreams of dusk and eternal fire
I will travel through eternal sky
To my kingdom, where dead dance
And silence moves, plays my symphony
My melancholy

Taste of blood in steel
My way to silence, step to death
And blood I will give
To my master eternal sleep

No eden I shall to go
No to promised paradise
Only darkness and dusk
The path of freedom
My way to make my world
To make end of this suffering


Black silky hood is settling
Around me, it takes me
To the another world
To the underworld

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Now the ghouls of darkness
Take my soul
And gates of cemetary
Will be closed to me
Forever....FOREVERback to top
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