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Within Temptation lyrics

Album: Enter [1997]

 01  Restless
 02  Enter
 03  Pearls Of Light
 04  Deep Within
 05  Grace
 06  The Gatekeeper
 07  Candles
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She embraced, with a smile
As she opened the door
A cold wind blows,
it puts a chill into her heart

You have taken away the trust
You're the ghost haunting through her heart
Past and present are one in her head
You're the ghost haunting through her heart

Take my hand as I wonder through,
All my life I gave to you
Take my hand as I wonder through,
All my love I gave to youback to top
The gates of time have opened
Now its chains are broken
An ancient force unleashed again

As I enter the portal
I feel the enchantment
It takes me away, away from here

Come near me
Enter my private chambers
I want to feel the warmth on my face
Lift me up from here
Give me your wings
to flee from my ivory tower

As I enter the portal
I feel the enchantment
The stars above are lying at my feetback to top
Pearls Of Light
After the cold darkness
In the heart of the forest
Where birds are singing
for the new born sun

In the womb of the leaves
In the branches of the trees
lies the treasure of the morning
The pearls of light

Carried away by the truculence of my world
I got lost in the search for enlightment
The blue rain covered my roots and
I forgot where I came fromback to top
Deep Within
Is there a place deep within
A place where you hide your darkest sins

There's a strange kind of ambiance,
it's surrounding you
As a songstress you lure me,
towards the truth

Candles die down as you leave the room
In my heart you leave no gloom
As you lure me I know the truth
You're a leprechaun, I see you throughback to top
Cold are the bones of thy soldiers
Longing for home, their little paradise
I don't feel redemption on their side

Fallen from grace, help me rise again
Fallen from grace, help me through

Fallen from grace, help me through
Fallen from grace

Feel these hands, the pressure,
the cold, tremble

Do you hear these words
Do you feel the wounds
I'll never help you through

Cold are thy souls
I feel the resentment
They feel betraid
They hate the cold
I don't feel redemption on their sideback to top
The Gatekeeper
The shadows of the night
are unleashed again
Where their greed begins
the end is near
A morbid hunger for blood
lies in their cold black eyes
They've come to take our lifes away

One by one they died
A massacre that took all night
They had no chance, it was no fight
You can't kill what has been killed before
They died...

With shadows on its tale
He stepped through the portal
Locked the door and ate the key
With his life they took their way to freedom
and he became the final keeper of the keyback to top
Take away
These hands of darkness
Reaching for my soul
Now the cold wind blows out my candles
Feeling only fear, without any hope

A thousand dark moons
A thousand winters long
A million fallen stars
The candle burns in the womb

We try not to forget
They live through us
Slowly they die away at every candle's endback to top
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