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Wolfsheim lyrics

Album: 55578-1987-1995 (The Best of Wolfsheim) [1995]

 01  Elias
 02  A look into your heart
 03  Where greed talks...
 04  Youth and greed
 05  Real
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hear my voice
it's telling stories
telling just the truth
about some men
who don't excuse
only praying for you
it must be a starving man
who likes to hear
these crippled minds talk
greetings from me
following the wind

i don't want to forget ...
... to regret
... to remember all the time
... everything
... all these years

hear my voice
it's telling stories
telling just the truth
about the innocent elias
lying next to you
innocent elias
blood red messiahs
never coming home
greetings from me
following the windback to top
A look into your heart
i remember every day
every year that pass the way
all the plans and all mistakes we made
she was unhappy
many wishes unfulfilled

so far i can understand
life seems always much too hard to stand
if i could take a look into
your heart
i wish you my pain

i knew it from the start
it's thunder in her heart
it's burning strong
she can't control it
burning deep inside
infecting her mind
have you ever thought of me

turn around, let life go on
sixteen weeks since you were gone
made me lose before i could have won
look in my face
just reflections of yourself
best of hatred

best of hatred
wholeheartedlyback to top
Where greed talks...
here's to you ... my friend ...
here's a kind of love for you ...
can you see my eyes ... my view turns away
dancing shades on my face ... that's where stars cannot shine
silence ... is coming soon today ...
you think you're right
but it works inside
it's started long ago
you're bored by your ruined life
but you think it must be so ...
why can't you see ... these staring sick eyes everywhere
it's a sin ... that's a fact you can't deny ...
blow away these walls ...
your life a train just passing by ...
these always watching eyes ...
this killing voice ...
always talks to me ...
always spinning around
silence ... is coming soon today ...back to top
Youth and greed
she once was 17 but she never fall in love
because she never felt the same
like the other ones at school
like all the other boys and girls around

misery - talk to me
youth and greed - walk with me

now she's 33 but there isn't anything
the really changed in her life
not a moment not a while
she is married, bore a child
growing old, growing older all the time
and she cries

a whining sound slips from her mouth
trapped in here and no way out

wait a while - wait a while
mommy's pills will bring you to the other side

wait a while - wait a while
daddy's razor-blades will make you feel so fineback to top
now that i am back out there
once more scared
misgivings haven't gone
inside this human race
no touch of grace
and still no place to go
i know it's up to me
to decide if this is real
but i'm walking and fro
always thinking about the ways i chose
welcome back yesterday ... not far away ... i'll keep an eye on you
tell me how could i forget all the angers i once had
should i start again ... to find the same ... that i once left behind
when tell me why should i forget all these dreams that i still have
another time ... another turn, i thought
but now i know that's wrong
this life will still remain the same
if i don't change a thing myself
i know it's up to me ...back to top
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