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Xysma lyrics

Album: Yeah [1992]

 01  Why Am I I?
 02  The First Sunbeams Of The New Beginning
 03  Above The Horizon
 04  Importance Of A Dimensionless Mirage
 05  Until I Reach The Unattainable
 06  Written Into The Sky
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Why Am I I?
So many religions making me ponder
About heaven & hell or if I'll be born again
Is nature the creator or is there a heavenly father god
Are we born and do we die? That's all

Have you thought about the nearness of death to us all?
World's greatest secret
And you can unveil it
If you want

What's the meaning?
Why am I I?
When it comes to an end we're all small children

I was floating in warm darkness
And that knowledge, as if somebody was holding my birth in his hands
Do I stand at the gates of hell?

To be born into this world
Truth is so near
But then I'm born
I lose it again
Why am I I?back to top
The First Sunbeams Of The New Beginning
Mountains rise above the sky
Everything is green around me
The wind whispers gently

The grass, the trees and all
Flowers of joy grow again
Nature hold me

The first morning of the new beginning
The day dawns for hope
Our minds are rinsed
This is a new experiment
Maybe nature makes it
And we can live in paradise

Now we have peace, everybody knows what's right
The world is alive again, the playing starts again
Everything seems to be alright
This love between animals and man
Is it momentary?back to top
Above The Horizon
Towards the horizon
From under the sea
Is laughing at me

Greenish visions
From the past
Millions of coffins
Of the future

The waves sing death
I'm listening to their message
The sky melts and the star fries
I'm a cell in your veins

Ears turn into birds
Flesh starts to shrink
My tearduct evacuates shapes and rain
Slugs are crawling on the sun
Your mental health is weakening
The planet surrounds you
You're only a reflection

Look at me - I'm your scenery
Paint me and you'll see
Close your eyes and you'll be freeback to top
Importance Of A Dimensionless Mirage
My patience hampers the evil that hallucinates the light
The eye of the ephemera is warning me watch out the life
I see into the spike, this isn't the usual way to die
I've always thought that you're a unique person

But my comprehension ends, when I saw you flying between the air
Do you understand the importance of a dimensionless mirage??

The web of time
Has enmeshed me
On endless arms
I fall asleep

Can you forgive me
Forget all those carnages
Which I realized in your life

My cross is dead and the ephemera's eye is blind
The web has melted - my dream is reality
Do you understand the importance of a dimensionless mirageback to top
Until I Reach The Unattainable
Sounds from the distant past, a ghost of my mind
Raging currents which I created in my head
Imprisoned me as I went too close
To its final aim - within this moment
In the gentle breeze I see it
Through boundless corners of the mind
On verity I ride

Until I reach the unattainable
Will I reach the unattainable

Anger of the imaginary gods
An enormous outburst is hidden
Inside me - there it is
Anger - I can see it

The world is a green flash - mixed with purple
Fading away, fading away
It appears again, it appears againback to top
Written Into The Sky
My friend from above
Between those clouds
We stand and watch
Our mind is greeting us

Bubbles of a clear day
And the green plateu of anger
A field, not a rice field
We stand under the leaves of a tree

The river is floating under our feet
The birds chirp and the butterflies
Are searching
No clouds in the sky
The face of a friend is written into blue of the sky
Worship of the omnipotent sun (I dream)
A dive into the mirage

Straight-angled death
That instigates the air to reduce
The stench of my heart dies
I bury it in my selfishness

The pain of not knowing - a tense waiting
A raging fear - when the truth is near
Who is a friend? The question of my life
Under the leaven tree - we wait for the answerback to top
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