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Frank Zappa lyrics

 1967 Absolutely Free
 1968 We're only in it for the Money
 1973 Overnite Sensation
 1974 Roxy & Elsewhere
 1979 Sheik Yerbouty

· 50/50
· Absolutely Free
· Andy
· Bow Tie Daddy
· Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
· Call Any Vegetable
· Camarillo Brillo
· Can't Afford No Shoes
· Cheepnis
· Concentration Moon
· Cosmik Debris
· Dinah-Moe Humm
· Dirty Love
· Evelyn, A Modified Dog
· Flakes
· Florentine Pogen
· Flower Punk
· Harry, You're A Beast
· I Have Been In You
· I'm So Cute
· I'm The Slime
· Inca Roads
· It's His Voice On The Radio
· Let's Make The Water Turn Black
· Mom & Dad
· Montana
· More Trouble Every Day
· Nasal Retentive Calliope Music
· Penguin In Bondage
· Pygmy Twylyte
· Son Of Orange County
· Take Your Clothes Off When You
· The Idiot Bastard Son
· Village Of The Sun
· What's The Ugliest Part Of Your
· Who Needs The Peace Corps?
· Zomby Woof

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