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Zoetrope lyrics

Album: Life Of Crime [1987]

 01  Detention
 02  Seeking Asylum
 03  Promiscuity
 04  N.A.S.A.
 05  Unbridled Energy
 06  Prohibition
 07  Company Man
 08  Pickpocket
 09  Hard To Survive
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Being kept after hours behind closed doors
You get reprimanded for bad behavior
And you ain't got no choice but to wait the time
Meanwhile you contemplate the idea of escape


Detention - detention - detention
Well I can't wait any longer

You won't receive any sympathy
From those around you 'cuz you're in too deep
So it's up to you to make your move
When his back is turned you fly out that door


So the chase begins down the corridor
Up and down the stairs you're runnin' everywhere
And there's no way out when you've been confined
To an institution where they play with your mind

Detention (4x) yaaaaa!
You ain't got no choice but to surrender!
Detention (8x)back to top
Seeking Asylum
They've blown you out of house and home
You turn around you're all alone
Visions creep into your head
You think about the life you've led
You started out a small time hood
Stealin' cars your life is good
Then night flights to the southeast bay
You ice six men along the way


Seeking asylum from the D.E.A.
It's a man made nightmare and I'm seeking asylum

Bodyguards became your scene
Limousines and fashion queens
All night self indulgent party scenes
Protection paid keeps your name clean
You wake today just to find
Ten million drop somehow went wrong
Your house was bombed your men all dead
Nothing left alive inside


Take your next step it will be your last
You never thought your tiome would come
Just as you're wondering how you'll die
Bullets slam into your eyes
You stumble back your knees give way
You die alone it's one way down
Violence and force power and greed
It's all in life you've ever known

CHORUSback to top
Escort take your time to crawl into a life so low
Slut you're still the same but you work too hard to take no blame
And we all know you'll never change
So why don't you just play the game


Don't try to think up some excuse or try to recreate the truth
Loser it's your bad life story. Loser what are you gonna do
Loser you take scum for glory but in the end the slut gets you

Playing top man all the time while in real life you fall behind
And in your mind you know the story no one tells you what to do
And you don't take shit from nobody
Wasting time doin lines, wasting money


Safety sex means you can come if you're using condoms all the time
You think you've got the answers to all the questions
But behind that face is an empty mind
And we all know that life's a game and sluts are worthless weak and lame

CHORUSback to top
Oh say can you see spacecraft exploding in the air
By the early morning light seven families in despair
Watching their sons and daughters burning in the sky
Remnants plunge into the water but they already died

What so proudly we hail we thought they had all the brains
But in front of all the world we've been put to shame
In the sky no one left alive
The fault is yours and you can't deny their good luck passed them by

Whose broad stripes and bright stars led a perilous flight
That ended in disaster panic and frustration
You need another seven spacemen willing to take a chance
And dumb enough to trust you when you say all systems go

Rockets red glare bursting in air we thought they had all the brains
But N.A.S.A. proved otherwise that day in the sky
No one left alive died in the sky
The fault is yours and you can't deny their good luck passed them by

You know exactly why they're all dead
They couldn't survive. The fault was yours and you know just why
They're all dead
Now you got another seven astronauts dead
Their good luck had passed 'em by now they're dead
Another seven astronauts deadback to top
Unbridled Energy
I'll take this chance to release all the grief pent up inside of me
Got nothing to say who will listen anyway
It's all the same to me so I'll just shout and scream


Unbridled energy pent up inside me (2x)

If you don't think that this makes any sense
(Why do you) continue to abuse the people that're your friends
Gotta find your way to let it out
It's better than seeing a shrink who'll only sit and watch you pout


So what's my problem I really ain't got one
It's just that I'm so sick and tired of how things are done
So why not scream to get it out of me
Or get drunk at "Cary's" with Steve Nagy

CHORUSback to top
In an abandoned warehouse late at night in the shipping yards
The gangsters keep a watchful eye for the man in blue
As a loaded semi pulls up to an empty dock
The rear door opens to reveal the demon alcohol


Restriction drinking's against the law
Prohibition the demon alcohol

A heavy profit's to be turned on this mountain dew
But if you're caught you might get killed or thrown in jail
But what's the fuss it's soon to be legal anyway
So you may as well go with the flow of things to come


What you see is what you get on a one shot deal
So make it now and worry later about the end result
When the loaded semi pulls up to the empty dock
You'll get another week's supply of alcohol

CHORUSback to top
Company Man
You can't tell how thick your shell can get when you abide
By a lifestyle that ain't worthwhile
But you continue what you're doing
On the hot sheet at the right time you get eaten by the hungry hand
Good examples so you say is what you're making out of everyone


Work all day you think all night ain't gonna sign my life away
And there ain't no one as dumb as you, the company man

Hammer and chisel insight on you I see if you're all there
But you're long gone just a shambles of what could have been real
And you tell me that it's my fault when I come short of pleasing you
At the same time I can tell you that you'll end up in a ball and chain


Look here no mind who laughs last laughs best
The company man takes from anyone's hand and he don't give a damn
The company man takes from anyone's hand just to get where he can
The company man he won't start seeing until he stops believing
The company man
That a nine to five is all you need to be alive
The company man you think you're alive but your brain has done diedback to top
I'm not what I seem to be life to me's no mystery
Those like me will rot in jail longer than their life will be


My hand's in your pocket I'm taking what's yours

What I eat, my survival all depends on what I steal
When you turn your back I'll steal your money stolen money buys my meals


I'll steal your money too

Master of deceptive fables criminal insanity
It always beats real work time, wages, income earned. I live like kings
If the suckers ever catch me it's for sure that I would die


I'll pick your pocket tooback to top
Hard To Survive
Temperatures exceeding hot both land and people start to rot
Can't provide for themselves because resources are so nil
I sympathize it's enough to make me cry
When we got so much and they have none and they ain't got no place to run


This makes it hard to, down there it's hard to survive

Situation's out of hand starvation all across the land
U.S. aid can only do part of what needs to be done
So the story goes on and on how long who knows?
Salvation is the only thing that matters to these human beings


Emaciated little kids don't know what happy childhood is
Living through a ten year drought is more than simply doing without


Temperatures exceeding hot both land and people start to rot
Can't provide for themselves because resources are so nil

CHORUSback to top
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